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Saturday, September 13, 2014

At-Home Hair Color Fail.

First, let me say "sorry" for being so behind in posting. We've started back full swing with homeschooling 3 kids, co-op classes (I teach), piano lessons, plus...at work we are prepping for a huge concert, which means a lot of extra work for me. On top of that, a bunch of extra freelance work, a wedding, a HouseParty, my usual workouts...and I'm one busy Mama!
Right before all that "crazy busy" got started, I noticed that my really old highlights from Summer 2012 had grown out. Remember when I used Marc Anthony Easy Lites to do highlights myself? Check out the video if you're interested in that. It was really easy, with good results.
Anyways, the old highlights were about half way down my hair and I didn't like it. 

 So, I decided to color over my hair.
My goal? To get a color close to my own natural color.
I don't like coloring my hair. I don't want "upkeep".
I'm lazy.
 I just want to color over the highlights and be DONE with it.
I wanted there to be some dimension, not a flat color, and the Feria box looked so pretty (yes, yes, judge a book by its cover...). It promised dimension, so I bought it in what I estimated to be "my regular color", which is a darkish brown with reddish tones. Medium brown, Havana Brown, should've worked.
This is what I got. You'd think that should be a good match, right?!?!
Well, this is what I ended up with. A lighter, redder brown than I started with.
In all my experience coloring my dark hair, the color ALWAYS was DARKER than you expected! NEVER lighter!
Well, it wasn't too bad. It wasn't what I wanted, but it seemed pretty decent.
One month later, here is my hair!
Carrot top!
How on earth? It's bushy and dried out, too.
See my "roots" and the color difference?
I just recolored with a different brand (Garnier Olia) and the color ended up too dark.
Which is what I expected with the previous color(I'll review it after a month or so).
Oh well!
Hopefully it'll fade a touch and will blend in with my natural color roots and I can quit coloring.
It does so much damage to my hair.
Do you have an at-home hair color that you love and can recommend?
After all, I may end up needing to try again in another month :(