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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Perfect Nude Lip Revealed?

Last year I fell in love with a lip duo I received in one of my Glossyboxes.
It was my introduction to a Nude Lip. I'd never done a nude lip before, and really wouldn't have known how to create one, other than lip balm, which really doesn't qualify. Why? Because
a nude lip isn't truly nude, it's just a very muted color.
I tend to be drawn to colorful lipsticks, so I probably wouldn't have run across the makings of a nude lip on my own...
so thank you Glossybox!
Let me introduce you to ModelCo's Lip Duo in Dusk & Striptease.

Dusk is the lipstick side. It's a subtle, light, fleshy pink.
 It's a standard lipstick: moisturizing; no scent or taste; normal wear/lasting power (you'll need to reapply throughout the day). It retails for $17 HERE.
Striptease is the name of the gloss. It's nearly clear, but has a slight goldish shimmer to it.
As far as glosses go, it's fairly standard, also: not really sticky, but yep, if you get your hair in it, it's gonna stick there; feels pretty moisturizing; smells like berries (which I like); no flavor; will come off on cups & such. It retails for $16 HERE.
Glossybox had an exclusive on this as far as it being in DUO form. You can't get it like this anywhere else. Too bad, because it's really nice to take one product & it be lipstick, gloss & a mirror.
However, you CAN buy them separately and they each DO have a mirror built in...which is nice. No need for a compact on the go. Just grab your lippie & go.
Here's my results. It's not a complete nude, which I personally don't like. It's a slightly pinked-up nude. I looked too washed out without any color at all.
Do you wear a Nude Lip ever? Which products help you achieve it?


Emily said...

I tend to use matte nudes. My favorite is by wet n wild. It has a pink base so it doesn't give the zombie look.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

I tend to use matte nudes. My favorite is by wet n wild. It has a pink base so it doesn't give the zombie look.

demi puceta said...

I LOVE Nude lipsticks or lip glosses! they are just perfect! (: