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Saturday, April 14, 2012

How About A Great Foundation for Oily or Combination Skin?

I'm kinda' picky about my foundation. It's important because I think it sets the stage for all the other cosmetics we apply. It is the canvas we start with. What type we need depends on so many things that are unique to each of us: what does our bare skin look like, what does it feel like, how do we want it to appear in the end, or feel like after the cosmetics are on, what is our skin's age and problems...and I'm sure there's more.

All of which points us to the fact that choosing makeup is highly subjective. I may love something that works like a dream on me, yet it may do horribly on you and you promptly throw it in the trash. Because of that, I can't simply tell you a makeup is great and you should buy it. Beware of advice that tries to do so. It's a bit arrogant, really.

Better to tell all the little things you've figured out about makeup so that a person can try to determine if it meets their unique needs and desires. So that's what I'm going to do for you.

I'm reviewing Natureluxe by Cover Girl.
(I used #325 in Sandstone, by the way.)

Let's start off with what my skin is like: combination skin that gets oilier as things heat up (which it is now doing here in the Deep South). I'm about to be 39, so I'm beginning to have lines around my eyes and I have some pretty good ones on my forehead already. I have some acne. I have lots of freckles and some sunspots from years of sun exposure.

Now, let's move on to what I want from my foundation: good coverage but I won't accept it being cakey. I need it to not melt off in the heat or become an oil slick of skin-colored goo. I need it to last an 8-10 hour day. I need it to blend in realistically with my skin color. And hey, if it can cost less than $12, that's even better!

Why I'm trying out a new foundation: I had been using Bare Essentials Bare Minerals Foundation for a couple of years, but I've become disillusioned with it recently. It seems to settle into the lines around my eyes these days. It also seems to take a LOT more of it (and more effort & time) to get the coverage I want. I don't know if they changed something or if I changed, but it no longer works for me.

Why I am grabbed this one: To start off, selecting the proper color for your skin is almost the most important thing. Cover Girl has a clear set of plastic cards at the display which have the colors printed on them so you can hold them up to your skin and see which one most closely mimics your skin's coloring. This helps make the color selection process easier. But even better than that - the bottles aren't sealed up, so it's very easy to grab a couple that seem to match your skin and squeeze out a tiny dot to try out on your jawline. Just be sure to have a mirror handy so you can see which one looks best. I did this and am quite happy with the color I picked out. They have lots of colors in this line, so I'll bet you will find a color that works for your skin, too.

What else it does for me: This foundation has SPF 10, so it helps me address the freckling and sunspot issue.

What the coverage is like: I describe it as being medium to maybe medium-high. It balances out my skin tone, covering up the red and giving a nice canvas, but it doesn't completely cover up sunspots...just mutes them. You will need concealer for that (or to cover acne), which is pretty typical.

How it feels: Even though it provides medium to medium-high coverage, it isn't heavy at all. Nor does it look cakey or obvious. The bottle describes it as "liquid silk foundation" giving "flawless, luxurious coverage with a barely there feel". I must say that this is a pretty good description. Flawless coverage? Maybe not exactly, but it does feel barely there and it does have a liquid silk feel. I really like this aspect of the foundation.

How it performs throughout the day: Does it work for my combo-oily skin? Yep. It seems to help control the oiliness some, even though it doesn't tout that as an advantage. It sticks around for 8-10 hours. I rarely wear makeup longer than that, so I can't honestly say yes or no on it lasting longer. It doesn't settle into lines and make them more pronounced like the mineral powder makeup did. It performs beautifully for me. However, your skin is not my skin, so you may get different results, of course.

What it costs: Price may vary regionally, but I picked up my bottle for less than $10 at the local big-box store. Cover Girl puts out a $1 off coupon just about once a month in the Sunday paper, so you can save that way, also.

In summary: I'm very pleased with Cover Girl Natureluxe Foundation. I'm still intrigued by the great things I've read about Revlon ColorStay Foundation, so I may try it out next, just because I can't resist the allure of trying out something new. But I would definitely buy this foundation again, for sure. I would also recommend it to a friend with similar skin issues.

  • it has natural components, if you're in to that (jojoba extract, cucumber water, etc.)
  • it's made in the USA - Hunt Valley, MD
  • I apply it using a circular foam sponge thingy