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Friday, August 27, 2010

The "Cure" I Want to Share With Anyone Who Will Listen

4 months, 14 lbs, less mood swings, more energy, NO HUNGER. What? That's how long it took me to lose that many pounds of fat, and how I felt while doing so.
What's the secret? No big secret...it's Atkins (been around since the 70's, although it has been tweaked over the years). Specifically, The New Atkins for a New You (TNAFANY). That's the title of the newest book in the Atkins line-up. It has the most science, the most helpful information, and more tips than ever to help you to succeed.
What makes this different from any other "diet"? It works because it's pretty easy. After all, you can do a diet if you don't lie down with that gnawing feeling in your gut like you'd get up and eat the tire off your car if thought you could get away with it. And with Atkins, hunger is not an option. You eat & you eat & you eat! And it's good food! In the first week, while you break the cravings you've established, it can be tough. But soon, those cravings subside & eventually leave. Plus, your body feels different. It feels "better". It's hard to explain. It's like you've found the way you were designed by God to eat. And it only gets better as you continue to drop, on average, 2 lbs per week after the initial 2 week Induction Phase (in which one can lose up to 15 lbs, depending on how much weight you have to lose in the first place, age, metabolism, etc.).
Anyway, I can't really tell you all about it here. That's what the book is for! But, if you want to drop some lbs, get your blood sugars & your lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc) healthy, and you want to have more energy *all day long*, I strongly encourage you to read TNAFANY. You do have to be ready to really put forth the effort; but with Atkins, you aren't automatically set up for failure like you are with so many other weight loss methods. AND it's FREE! You can buy the book, or borrow it, or check it out from the library, but the website, which is instrumental in answering questions, getting support & encouragement, and finding recipes, etc. is FREE. (www.Atkins.com) You *can* buy Atkins shakes and bars if you want to, but it is not at all necessary. Sometimes the website even runs specials where you can sign up & they'll send you free bars, info & a carb counter book. That's what hooded me into giving it a try.
Oh, and lest you thing that 14 lbs in 4 months is not all that great...keep in mind that I was only 17 lbs overweight to start with...and, for 2 months I was needlessly "stuck" and not really losing because I had unwittingly increased my carb count a little too high. Once I figured out that I was having too many carbs and cut down, the weight started coming back off (2 lbs down in the last week!).
I wish I could afford to buy the book for everyone I know & take their hand & lead them along the Atkins path. It's like finding a cure and wanting to help people access it. You know, kinda' like Salvation through Christ!


redkitchen said...

Thank you for inspiring me to do this. I'm another believer in it: down 25 pounds in 4 months & feeling great! Also, I nominated your blog for "One Lovely Blog Award." To accept, go to my blog & read the post titled "Onle Lovely Blog."

Alaka said...

I've been trying a low carb diet for the last three weeks, but I had stomach problems this week and had to go on the oatmeal, toast, bananas, apples diet, etc. Your post was encouraging! Hoping to get back on track again.