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Monday, February 9, 2009

My Review of Flushable Wipes Container

One Step Ahead

Make good hygiene easier: put those flushable wipes at your child's fingertips! This handy container hooks right to your toilet paper holder, where kids can't overlook it. Great for potty training, encouraging independence, and building neat habits. Holds all standard wipes (not included).

Good Helper
momof4@peace South Alabama 2/9/2009

4 5
Gift: No
Pros: Portable, Easy Setup
Best Uses: Hygiene, Traveling, Toilet Training, Potty Use
Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children
Good product. My dd had to reach around to the back of the toilet to get the wipes, which was pretty hard for her b/c she's so small. This product helps make potty time a lot easier for her. Plus, it helps eliminate clutter and looks a lot nicer than the pack sitting on the back of the toilet.
wipes caddy
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redkitchen said...

Looks like a neat product! Hopefully I'll be needing something like this soon.